Déménagement JSN - Transport, Emballage et Entreposage


A Worry-free Moving Experience
The experienced movers of Déménagement JSN know their way around furniture, valuables and precious souvenirs that make up your home.

Our estimate takes into account the usual factors impacting on our execution time: the floor on which you live, the number of rooms, appliances, the quantity of boxes required, our packing service, etc. We strongly urge you to take advantage of our free estimate service before dealing with another moving company. You won’t regret it.

Déménagement JSN A residential move - A professional service!


Whether you’re moving close by or out of town, you will be treated to our courteous and efficient service, as well as our special care and handling of your fragile and valuable items. You may also want to use our storage facilities should you need to.

We offer complete or partial packing and unpacking services. You will save time and effort, and you will be guaranteed a professional job.


Each item will be packed individually with the appropriate specific packing material. Fragile and breakable items such as vases and decorative pieces are meticulously and safely packed by our professionals. Your lamps and lampshades will be packed with bubble wrap and duct tape to make sure everything is well protected. Mirrors and paintings are packed, protected and placed in especially made telescopic boxes.  

You insist on special care for your residential move: Choose Déménagement JSN!